How to fix Java Apps Getting Blurred on Retina Displays MAC OS X

Have you experienced this too???. My MacBook was shipped with JDK 1.6.0. So I installed JDK 1.7u07. Soon after I realized that all java based applications(or running on the newer JVM) are getting blurred. Look closer on these two images;

`Android Studio` on JDK 1.7u07;

`Android Studio` on JDK1.7u40;

It is negligible, isn't it???

Of course it is not a big issue but having eyes on the screen for long hours will be definitely yelling; "There is something....!!!". So I decided to dig into the problem and found out, that is because JDK 1.7 support issue.

AWT/ Swing under the JDK 1.7(as before 1.7u40) had an issue with HiDPI displays. HiDPI (High Dots Per Inch) also known as Apple's "Retina Display" marketing name, which are screens with a high resolution in a relatively small format[1].

So What is the Solution???

According to this change log it is been fixed on JDK1.7u40. HiDPI or retina support is available on [2];
  • Java 6
  • Java 7u40ea or greater
  • Java 8
So the solution is to upgrade you current JDK into one of above matching criteria. 

Have a Happy Coding Day !!! 


Rasika Perera

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