Support for Selenium IDE export as Java / TestNG / WebDriver

This is a very brief entry for those who seeks support for exporting Selenium scripts. Currently Selenium IDE supports exporting selenium scripts into `Java / TestNG / Remote Control(RC)`. WebDriver is the successor of the old Remote Control(RC). Exporting test cases generated by Selenium IDE to `Java / TestNG / WebDriver` is not officially supported at the time writing this blog entry.

Therefore, I created PR request and hopefully will be merged soon. The benefits of this PR are;

1). Export Test Case As.. -> Java / TestNG / WebDriver

Export your reordered test cases into Java, TestNG and WebDriver supported `.java` files.

2). Export Test Suite As.. -> Java / TestNG / WebDriver

This will create a XML file conformed to TestNG Test Suite documentation . According TestNG docs;
A suite is represented by one XML file. It can contain one or more tests and is defined by the <suite> tag.

Therefore, expected outcome is a `testng.xml` file with <suite> tags.

Link to the Pull Request(PR)

The Pull Request and code changes are available on

Download the Selenium IDE - XPI

You can download the build of this fix based on the Selenium IDE 2.8.0 from the following link

Note: You can find latest releases of the selenium IDE in


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